In Kartris, every product must have an least one 'version' under it. A version is the record that contains the price, tax rate, SKU (unique item code), item weight and stock quantity information.

If you create a 'single version' product, a new version is automatically created. However, you must still go to the 'versions' tab in order to enter a price and other minimum information, as well as to set the new version live.

For other product types, you must also create at least one version before the product is complete and can be visible on the front of the web site to be purchased.

RRP, or recommended retail price, let's you display a guide price on your site for the manufacturer's recommended pricing, typically in order to demonstrate how much cheaper than the norm your price is.

To activate this, you must first turn the RRP display on with the frontend.versions.display.showrrp config setting, then you can set a value for RRP for each version. Note that this only shows on some version types; options products do not display this for example, because the price of options products is not fixed - and providing an RRP for each permutation of options would be unnecessarily complex for what is essentially just a guide and marketing device.

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