Kartris products can have unlimited images. To add an image for a product, click the images tab and then 'Add new'.

Hit 'Browse' and navigate to an image on your local computer. Ideally, this image should be sized already for use as a 'large view' image on your site. Typically this would mean JPEG format (.jpg extension), no more than 600 pixels in each direction, and below 100KB in size. Once selected, click the 'upload' link to the left of the browse box. The image should appear in the list.

Don't worry if it appears slightly distorted or squashed; this back end view is not how the image will appear on the front end; it is just a rough thumbnail that will be made square here. On the front end of the site, the image aspect ratio will be maintained, and it will be reduced in size where necessary for use as various sized thumbnails, normal sized view, and large view.

You can upload multiple images one by one. They will appear here as a list. The image order can be changed using the up/down buttons, or it can be deleted.

Where there are multiple images, the first will be used for the product on the front end of the site. On the product page itself, the first image will display larger, while the others will be thumbnailed below in a gallery. A large view feature is automatically provided.

If no image is included, a place-holder image may be displayed on the front end instead, depending on the frontend.display.image.products.placeholder config setting.

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