The sort criteria for items is set at the parent. If you want certain products to show in a particular order, you must set this at the parent category of those products. First you set the criteria by which products will be sorted:

Sort Products By :

  • Product ID
  • Product Name
  • Product Creation Date
  • Product Last Modified Date
  • Product Category Sort
The last one of these should be selected if you wish to manually sort the products into exactly the order you required.

You also need to set a sort direction:
  • Ascending
  • Descending
For example, sorting by 'Product Last Modified Date' and sort direction 'Descending' will show the most recently edited/added products first.

To manually sort the products, you must first set the category to sort products by 'Product Category Sort'. You will then see up/down arrows appear on the products when viewed in the back end, as shown below. You can click these to sort the items.

Product sort
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