Custom controls is an advanced developer topic. It is a prototype system that allows the normal product 'add item' section for a specific product to be replaced by a custom user control. The control can handle all the logic of displaying options, accepting text input, looking up prices from a web service or spreadsheet or new database table, making calculations and formulating the price and description of an item which can then be placed into the standard Kartris basket. This permits total flexibility in the kind of products Kartris can handle, with total freedom for skilled developers to create complex configuration tools for products. It's particularly useful for handling custom measured items such as curtains, signage, boxes, etc. where the price can be a factor of multiple dimensions which themselves have 100s or 1000s of possible values. In these cases, it's simply not possible to use options.

This object config setting holds the name of a control in the /UserControls/Custom/ folder that this product should use, for example 'SampleCustomControl.ascx' (which we include as a sample in the core Kartris zip).

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