The first step to processing an order is to find it – there are several options for this in Kartris:

  • The 'Orders' menu - this can bring up a list of orders filtered by various criteria such as recent, awaiting invoice, awaiting payment and so on.

  • The main back end search box can find orders by ID.

  • The search box on the orders list page can find orders by ID or date.

  • Orders requiring attention (generally new orders) will show in the 'To do' list on the right hand side.

  • You can click to view a customer's orders from either the customer listing, or the customer detail page; so if you need to find an order for a particular customer, you can find the customer by email or name (or part of) and then from there find their order(s).

  • In Kartris 1.4x onwards, the order IDs on the customer's order history tab are also clickable.

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