Order status

There are 4 stages for orders to move through. These are indicated by 'Order Status' checkboxes when viewing an order in the back end.

  • The order has been sent to the store owner – this box is checked when an order is successfully placed. Sometimes we refer to this simply as 'sent'.

  • An invoice for payment has been issued – this box is checked manually in the admin section to record that an invoice has been issued to the customer for payment.

  • Payment has been received – this box indicates that payment for the order was successfully received. In the case of an online payment, the callback process normally triggers this box to be checked automatically when a successful payment is made.

  • The order has been dispatched – this typically signifies that the order process is complete where payment was received via the web site. It is checked manually by the store owner once the order has been shipped. For orders that have been invoiced, this is of course not the end of the order process as payment is still awaited.

  • The order has been cancelled (Kartris v2.0+) – checking this box retains the order in the database, but cancels it from order totals and releases any stock items back to the store.

In the most common scenario where a customer makes an online payment for the items in their basket, the first three boxes will typically be checked, leaving only the dispatch of goods to be manually changed on the order.

You can see and also adjust the status of any order by changing the status checkboxes and saving:

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