If you deal with certain types of customers such as retail customers, wholesale customers, preferred customers, etc. you may find it useful to group these customers so that you can easily find all similar customers or apply certain benefits, prices and restrictions to them. The customer group functionality in Kartris can be accessed by going to 'Customers > Groups').

The interface lists all the customer groups, and has special links to 'affiliates' and 'mailing list', which are special built-in customer groups.

One of the common requirements of an online store is to hide certain categories and products from all but specific customers. When editing a category, product or version, you will see a dropdown menu selection for 'Limit by group'. In this way, you can link a category, product and/or version to a specific group. In this case, only customers who are logged in to the front end and are members of the appropriate group will be able to see these items. Other customers will not see them, or be able to find them in searches.

Although you can set a % discount at customer level, you may find that this does not give you the direct control you need. You may want to individually price certain items for a specific group, so for example it might be $15.00 for retail customers, or $13.25 for wholesale clients.

Kartris has a tab under versions labelled 'Customer Group Prices' where you can override the price of any version for each customer group. Leaving the price at zero for any group will mean that the item for that group will be at normal price (and not zero!).

Of course, this functionality can enable you to have customer-specific prices too - you can create a customer group and assign just one customer to it, and then set prices for that group.

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