Promotions are typically publicly visible and available to all customers. But in certain cases, you may want to create a promotion but only make it available to a certain customer, or give it as a 'one off' incentive.

From Kartris v1.4 onwards, it is possible to combine the coupons functionality with promotions. You create a promotion in the standard way, but the 'Active?' checkbox must be unchecked (so the promotion is not live, otherwise it would be available to any user already).

You then create a new coupon, and select 'Promotion' from the value menu. The value textbox changes to another dropdown menu. From here you can select the promotion you wish to link this coupon to.

Creating a promotion triggered by a coupon

Remember - only promotions which are inactive (the 'Active?' box is not checked) can be linked to coupons. Because any promotion that is active will be available anyway, so would not need a coupon to activate it.

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