It is a common feature of many transactions to provide discounts for quantity to encourage bulk purchases. Sometimes this is referred to as 'price breaks'.

Kartris has a flexible quantity discounts system that allows unlimited price breaks for any quantities specified. This is set at version level (since it is the version that holds the price info).

Simply click to edit a version, and then click the 'Quantity Discount' tab.

Enter the quantity break point, and the price for purchases of that number or more. Note that the price you must enter is per item, so prices should go DOWN as the quantity goes up.

quantity discounts
Make sure you enter the discounted price PER ITEM, and not for the total number of items.

If quantity discounts are available, the user will see a link for quantity discounts on the front end when viewing the product.

If a user adds 5 items into the basket (below the price discount level) and then later adds a further 6, the system will automatically pool these together and apply the discount from that point on. Similarly, if a user adds 10 items (with discount) and then removes one from the basket, they will immediately be recalculated at the normal price.

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