Some payment systems allow you to serve back HTML in response to a callback. For some, the HTML served back should be nothing more than a simple message, which they will insert into the confirmation page they show to users. For others, the callback page should serve back the full HTML of a page that they will relay to customers.

In order to handle this, HTML templates can be added here. Kartris will look for these automatically in the live skin, based on the following naming criteria:


Where [name] is the name of the payment system's folder in the /Plugins folder of Kartris. Not all payment systems can return HTML from the callback to the customer, so this feature only works where the payment system supports it.

A simple callback template will look as follows:

	<title>Order Confirmation</title>

The [orderdetails] tag is where the text summary of the order contents will appear. If no template is present in the skin, the order details will appear on their own, without any skinning.

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