On database driven applications like Kartris, a single page such as Product.aspx is used to display every single product in the store. Since extra information needs to be passed to it to tell it which product to display, the URLs (web addresses) typically contain extra parameters and values passed to the page.

For example:


As more information is passed, the URL can become longer and messier.

To overcome this, Kartris at default creates 'friendly' URLs, which appear like static page addresses (rather than a single page with dynamic information passed to it as parameters). When properly configured, this will make the site appear (both to users and search engines) as a collection of 'static' pages in a folder hierarchy, just as if every product was on its very own page and these pages were sorted into folders.

Despite what many SEOs believe, there is little if any evidence that the format of the URL has any influence on search results (though it may well have done many years ago). Google's official blog says that it doesn't, and even goes as far as to suggest not rewriting URLs.

The format of Kartris's 'friendly' URLs still includes numbers, just before the .aspx at the end. It is not possible to remove this as the numbers are used by the system to locate the content. This is very similar to the URL format used by Amazon and the BBC, that uses numbers within a static format of URL.

You can turn friendly URLs on or off from the general.seofriendlyurls.enabled config setting.

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