Full-text search is a feature that can be enabled in MS SQL to improve the performance of searching, especially across large quantities of text. If full-text catalogs are enabled on your database, you can activate this feature in the back end of Kartris. Navigate to Configuration > Database Admin and then the FTS tab. Click the link to enable the feature, and it should confirm the various languages it is supported for.

The process of activating FTS also creates a new stored procedure - spKartrisDB_SearchFTS (and a corresponding back end one called _spKartrisDB_AdminSearchFTS). These are used in place of the normal search stored procedures on sites where FTS is enabled.

The benefits of FTS are really felt on a large site with more than 10,000 products. For sites upwards of this, FTS is almost essential as conventional searching will become slower and slower the more data there is.

Full-text search
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