Google Products (formerly 'Froogle' and several other names) is a searchable system that requires highly formatted product data to be submitted. Unlike general web spidering where it must try to pick content from all manner of pages, the formatted nature of the data submitted means it has a clear unambiguous understanding of product names, prices and other details.

Kartris contains a tool to generate this feed automatically in the back end. Navigate to Miscellaneous > Generate Feeds and then click to to generate the Google Products feed file. The recommended format is RSS (XML). The page will tell you the location of the file produced so that you can submit it to Google.

It is important to note that Google Products has a number of required attributes. The required values are detailed here:

Google Product Feed Specification

By default, Kartris will create the following attributes in the feed:

<g:id>[the version code / SKU]</g:id>
<title>[the version or product name]</title>
<description>[the product description]</description>
<g:price>[the item price]</g:price>
<link>[the canonical URL of the item]</link>
<g:image_link>[link to the full size image file for the item]</g:image_link>
<g:condition>[value set in the dropdown when generating the feed]</g:condition>

To add further required values to the feed, you must create special use product attributes. In the the back end, navigate to Products > Product Attributes and click to create a new one. Name the attribute as Google requires (see their specification) and ensure you check the 'Google special use' checkbox. This attribute will then appear in the attributes tab when you edit a product, allowing you to add the appropriate value. This information will then be incorporated the next time you run the Google Products feed.

Because attributes are created at product level, if you have items with multiple versions that require different custom attributes to be sent to Google, these would have to be separated out to be single version products at present.

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