1. Unzip Kartris to a folder on your desktop. Using FTP, upload the files to your web site.
  2. Make sure your hosting is set to run as ASP.NET 4.0.
  3. Call up the site in your web browser, and the setup routine should run.
  4. When you get to the stage to setup the database connection, you will probably need to use the database address (or IP), name, username and password given to you by your web host. The install routine will try to rewrite your web.config file with these connection details, but if the permissions do not allow this, you can download it from the setup routine and then upload to the root of your site with FTP instead.
  5. If you get problems running the database setup and want to create the database first through MS SQL's Management Studio interface, the .sql file is located here:


    When you run the setup routine again, it should notice that you already have a Kartris database populated.
  6. Once setup and logged in to the back end, you can go to the front end by clicking the Kartris logo link in the top left of the page.

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