In order to import bulk data from a spreadsheet, the Data Tool needs to make some assumptions.

  • The SKU (version code) for every item must be unique. You cannot have two items in Kartris with the same SKU; if Kartris finds duplicate SKUs, it will either ignore or replace the existing item with the same SKU (depending on settings).
  • All products must have unique names, because products don't have any SKU (these belong to versions). It is possible to have a product with multiple versions, therefore each line in this case will repeat the product name, but have a different SKU and version name. The Data Tool will assume that any row with a repeated product name is the same product.
  • All categories must have unique names - the reasoning is similar to the point above regarding products.

Because of the reasons given above, at present the Data Tool cannot handle cases where multiple products have the same name, or where a products and/or categories have multiple parents.
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