The Data Tool is also accessible via a command line interface, which means you can use the pre-written functionality to handle imports to a site on an automated or scripted basis. For example, you may have stock or other data deposited in spreadsheet format to a particular folder on a periodic basis (e.g. nightly) which you want to update the web site with.

Using a .vbs file (or some other scripting system), you can call the Data Tool, pass parameters and so on, without having to manually operate it or write your own SQL code to update Kartris.


/MODE:[ignore|update|deleteall]   -> what to do with existing product data


/DATASHEET:[worksheet_name_of_data_in_xls_file] (XLS only)
/OPTIONSSHEET:[options_sheet_name_for_Kartris_v1.4] (XLS only)


/HELP (optional)

/OUTPUT:[logfile(default)|display] (optional)
/SOURCEIMAGESFOLDER:[folderpath] (optional, can use full image path in spreadsheet)
/KARTRISIMAGESFOLDER:[folderpath] (optional)
/TEST (optional) (no processing - just check if parameters are all correct)


For example (single line, though some browsers may wrap it below):

C:\Data Tool\KartrisDataTool.exe /mode:update /file:"c:\user\desktop\exampledata.xls" /dbserver:localhost\sqlexpress /usewindowsauth /dbname:kartrisSQL

If you have spaces in the names or paths of files submitted through command line arguments, you will need to enclose the path in double quotes. Alternatively, try to position files close to the root in a folder without spaces in the name.
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