Language packs are Excel spreadsheet files that contain language specific strings which can be imported into Kartris when new languages have been added.

Import and export of languages

First ensure you have added the new language in the Kartris back end, if it is not already present.

Next, within the Data Tool, choose the database of your Kartris site, specify which language you're importing the strings to, and select the .xls file that holds the strings. Then import and restart Kartris to see the new language content.

The export process works similarly, you can choose which language in your store to export, and the file to export to. This lets you copy a language from an existing store to a new one. It can also be used if you wish to update strings; you can for example export English strings, get them translated by a contractor (or power translate in Google Docs) and then re-import them to the new language. Or you can use this process to make changes to the English strings and then re-import to update the site.

For minor language tweaks, it will be easier to use the Kartris back end.

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