Navigate to 'Miscellaneous > Custom Pages'. A list will appear with existing custom pages. Click the 'New' link. A form appears into which you can enter your content.

The 'ID' field is a unique text-based ID for the page. This will form part of its URL, and it is also what appears as the name of the page when listing custom pages in the back end. So a good descriptive ID is best. The ID cannot contain spaces and special characters should be avoid. Hyphens (dashes) should be used in place of spaces. For example, these would be appropriate IDs:


The text is the content of the page. HTML can be entered here too, using the HTML editor button to the bottom right of the text field. Don't forget to save the content after editing (the save button on the toolbar above).

The 'Title' field is used within the breadcrumb trail. Originally we used the page ID here, and replaced the dashes with spaces. But this means page titles cannot include dashes or other characters, and furthermore are not language specific. Hence we created a specific field for this.

SEO fields are also available to be populated.

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