Custom pages will not automatically appear on the web site. You must add them to menus manually, or create links in your skin to them.

If you look at our demo, you will see a light grey coloured menu. The content for this comes from the web_menu.sitemap file which is in the root of Kartris. You can edit this XML file manually to create the menu structure you require. Kartris will probably need to be restarted for changes to take effect.

You can also add Hyperlink controls to the .master file to provide links to your custom pages, such as those we have in the footer. We recommend using ASP.NET Hyperlink controls rather than standard HTML <a> tags, because URLs can be specified relative to the app root using the ~/t-Sample.aspx format. These will work correctly from any friendly URL page, and whether the site is running in a subfolder of localhost, or on the root of a fully-qualified domain.

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