The vast majority of items sold by online stores are physical items that require shipping to the customer. However, stores may wish to offer free delivery on some items or even sell items which are delivered digitally (as a download).

Kartris supports the sale and delivery of digital items. When you create a version, you can select the Delivery Type as either 'Link to Downloadable File' or 'Downloadable File'. The former let's you specify a link to a file, either as a full absolute URL or a relative URL to a file on the same web site. This is useful if you have large general file downloads which don't need any special protection (perhaps because you issue licenses to use them separately).

The 'Downloadable File' option allows you to upload a file for the item. This is not ideal for huge files, but should generally be able to handle files up to several megabytes in size.

The links to download files will be available to purchases in the 'downloads' section of their 'my account' pages.

There are some settings which can help control how files are dispatched and protected.

frontend.downloads.hidden - if this is set to 'y' (default), Kartris will hide the path of a file from the user and stream it them instead. This provides additional security for files.

frontend.downloads.daysavailable - this is the number of days after a purchase that downloadable items are available for. The default is zero, which means there is no limit. If you only want a customer to be able to retrieve the download for 2 weeks (for example) then you can set this to 14 days.

frontend.downloads.instant - for security, you may only want files to be available to purchasers once you have set the order status to 'dispatched'. This is useful if you are concerned about fraudulent orders, which may be more common for downloadable items where no physical delivery address to retrieve the goods is required. If set to 'y' files will be available from the 'my account' area immediately when the order is paid and called back. The default is 'n'.

'Free shipping' is somewhat of a misnomer. What it actually does is to to exclude the weight or value of the item from total used to calculate shipping, so the shipping price for the order will be the same as it would be if the item was not in the order. To make sure that an order with just a single item that is 'Free shipping' actually gets free shipping, you should ensure that your shipping setup includes a 'zero' band, resulting in a shipping cost of zero for order weight/value up to 0.01 (or 0.001 for example).

For more information on configuring your store's shipping, please see 3.6.5. Shipping / postage.

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