Kartris supports a number of different media formats that you can upload or attach to products. You can also choose an icon for each media clip (for example, a screenshot), otherwise the media will be served with a default icon for whatever the type is.

This will actually work for any embedded media from video web sites. Follow the instructions on the web site to obtain the embedding code, and then paste this into the space provided in Kartris. For example, on Youtube, you choose the 'Share' and then 'Embed' tab, as follows:

Youtube video - obtaining embed code

Then copy this embed code (blue in the image above) to Kartris's 'embed' field:

Embed Youtube into Kartris

These will be embedded into web pages using the respective media template in the /UserControls/MediaTemplates folder. You can customize or change these if required.

If you would prefer that the media be served as a download, check the 'Downloadable?' box.

These will appear as links to download the media.

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