The Kartris data tool can import product and order/customer data from CactuShop databases, versions 6.0 and above. If you have data in an older v5 CactuShop database, you can use the CactuShop data tool to upgrade/import this to a new CactuShop v6 database, then use the Kartris data tool to import data from this database to Kartris.

The Kartris data tool will preserve the product, category and version database IDs from CactuShop in the new Kartris site. This is extremely valuable for search engine purposes as it ensures that requests to old CactuShop URLs can be mapped by Kartris to the equivalent new page URL. Your existing pages in search engines will therefore not return a 404 to visitors or search engine spiders; both will get a 301-redirect (permanent redirect) and land on the same product in the new Kartris site. Search engines will update their indexes relatively quickly with the new URLs, but old links that users may have posted in forums and so on will continue to drive traffic to the correct page in your new site.

The image storage in CactuShop worked a bit differently to the structure used in Kartris. Therefore, when importing data from CactuShop to Kartris, you can select the 'Uploads' folder within the CactuShop web, and the 'Images' folder of your new Kartris site (or you can create a local 'Images' folder on your desktop, and copy it to the Kartris site later), and Kartris will copy and file the images correctly into this folder to work with Kartris. Because Kartris does not need smaller thumbnail images, only larger ones (as it thumbnails dynamically where required), it will look first for large images to import for a product, and only go down to normal sized ones if no large image is found.

Order IDs are also maintained, and historical orders from CactuShop can be imported with customer data into Kartris for a seamless upgrade. In fact, orders placed in CactuShop and still awaiting processing in the back end will be upgraded and can be processed and closed off with Kartris after upgrading. Customer accounts will retain the same username and password, and will retain historical order history.

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