Kartris will create an admin account for you during the setup process. However, many store owners will need to have multiple staff members accessing the back end. Kartris therefore allows an unlimited number of extra back end accounts to be created, with varying levels of access.

The login management page can be found by going to Configuration > Logins. All logins for the site will be displayed in tabular format. Checkboxes show the permissions settings for each account, as well as whether or not the login is live.

The primary login accounts for Kartris don't have any 'delete' option and the permissions for these accounts cannot be changed. This ensures that the main admin accounts are always valid, and that you cannot inadvertently lock yourself out of control by removing the primary accounts or reducing their access level.

Note that anyone with config permissions can create new users with any permissions they wish, or edit their own permissions to give themselves any permissions they choose. Bear this in mind if you grant configuration permissions to a user but deny them 'orders' permission, for example. The user would be able to edit their own permissions to give themselves 'order' permissions if they wanted.

User accounts can be restricted using the permissions checkboxes so that they can only access certain areas in the back end. The back end is divided into four broad areas:

  • Configuration permissions - user can change config values, shipping, tax, countries and other setup details
  • Product permissions - user can view/edit categories, products and versions
  • Orders permissions - user can view/change customers, orders, affiliates and coupons
  • Support permissions - user can view/change support tickets and knowledgebase articles
This permissions structure serves two purposes. Firstly it allows you to prevent certain users from being able to make major changes to site settings, or products, for example, while allowing them to process orders. Secondly, it simplifies the back end somewhat by removing extraneous menus for users who do not need them.

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