If you are in Europe, then typically you will want to enter prices on your web site inclusive of tax. Stores based in the US, or European stores that deal primarily with business customers, will normally want to enter prices exclusive of tax.

This is controlled by the general.tax.pricesinctax config setting which should be set to 'y' for tax inclusive prices, and 'n' for ex-tax prices.

Note that for tax inclusive prices, tax is calculated 'per item' rather than per row of the basket. As such, a rounded 'ex tax' price can be calculated. But for ex-tax pricing, tax is applied to each row of the basket. Consequently, it is not possible to show a rounded inc-tax price for individual items, because this would in many cases not quite tally with the actual tax on the order (due to the different rounding used, per-item and per-row) and would be likely to confuse customers or lead to complaints that the site has added up the tax wrongly.  Instead a percentage figure is shown where necessary.

Most stores will typically show a singe price for each item, which might be either inc tax or ex tax. In this case, you should set your frontend.display.showtax config setting to 'n'. If you wish to show the tax associated with an item, set this to 'y'.

The way prices are displayed within Kartris depends on both of the following config settings:

  • frontend.display.showtax
  • general.tax.pricesinctax
The exact format will vary as follows:

Table to show how the two tax config settings affect the display on the site






Ex tax £8.51 Inc Tax £10.00

Price £10.00


Ex tax £10.00 Tax 17.5%

Price £10.00

Note that in all the cases in the table above, the item price is entered in the back end as 10.00, and the tax rate is 17.5%. It is the config setting general.tax.pricesinctax that determines whether this means £10.00 at checkout (£10.00 inc tax) or £11.75 (£10.00 plus 17.5% tax).

Note that if you enter prices into your store ex tax, and then switch to inc tax, the prices won't change (for example, an item entered as £10.00 won't suddenly become £11.75 – it will still be £10.00, just that this will now be considered inc tax instead of ex tax).

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