Kartris will log ASP.NET errors within the Uploads/Logs folder. This tab allows you to view these errors more conveniently from the back end of Kartris. In the event an error means the site is unavailable, you can view the error logs via FTP, in the following location:


Error logs are created with a .config extension to ensure the raw files cannot be served to web users (even if they know the location and name of a particular log file).

The presence of errors does not automatically indicate an issue with your site. 404s (file not found), cancelled orders and some other events will be recorded, as well as errors due to partially formed pages being submitted (for example, if a visitor has a slow internet connection and only receives part of the page before pushing a button). The logs are designed to be a useful tool to provide information to help resolve issues rather than a digest of problems on your site that need to be resolved.

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