In Kartris versions up to 1.4xxx, the records in the database are protected from casual deletion or modification by a series of triggers. The various stored procedures that update data disable a trigger, update the data and then re-enable it again.

To edit data within the database either via your own query or directly into the database tables, you will need to disable either the specific trigger(s) protecting that data, or all triggers - this can be done from this section. Typically triggers will be reactivated over time automatically when queries on those tables next fire up, although you can also reactivate all triggers here too.

If you need to modify data in the database directly and the back end is not accessible, or is on error, you can run the following stored procedure instead:


To find this, expand 'Programmability > Stored Procedures' for your database in SQL Management Studio, and then right click and 'Execute Stored Procedure'. Then click 'OK' on the popup that appears. The 'Results' window should appear with a return value of zero.

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